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Munjal Shah Headshot 1.jpeg

Munjal Shah

Entrepreneur, CEO, And Co-Founder of Hippocratic AI


ABOUT Munjal 

Munjal Shah is the co-founder and CEO of Hippocratic AI, a generative artificial intelligence startup focused on building foundation models for health care and using it to improve patient outcomes, lower health care costs, and address the growing shortage of health care workers worldwide. 


Founded by generative AI researchers, hospital administrators, physicians, and Medicare experts, Hippocratic AI has developed a safety-focused large language model to provide nondiagnostic health care services. Its large language model outperformed Open AI’s GPT-4 on 105 of 114 health care exams and certifications. The company received a $65 million seed investment led by Andreessen Horowitz and General Catalyst and a number of health system partners.



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